Reflections on Grief

This month marks one year since my mom Maria died, and I feel like sharing.

It’s been one of the hardest years of my life, to be honest. It hasn’t been without its ups, of course (I’m engaged and making wedding plans!), but I’ve had more downs than I care to think about. Ups don’t counteract downs. They just kind of… coexist.

My grief is triggered by seemingly random things sometimes and it can be intense when it happens.

One example: last year at Sasquatch in late May, I was watching Florence & The Machine on the main stage. She …

On Trump and Social Media

This is an article from the New Yorker, from an issue I brought along on my current trip to London, published before the election.

Now, I hate to give people like Cernovich this publicity, even if it’s bad publicity, but people need to know this stuff is going on. This article is about a man who seems to be one of the leaders of the alt-right movement in America. He started out as a lawyer, and has learned how to use social media to his advantage. The way he and others like him spread misinformation like viruses makes me …

Writing Prompt: Temple

Prompt (Image): Temple

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Ethan’s mind was in a haze as he trudged up the last steps of the perilous path to the heart of the temple. The stones that made up the stairs were crumbling and he couldn’t trust his footing, but he ascended them mindlessly, making a series of quick educated guesses. He didn’t have the willpower for anything else, having traveled for days over the most perilous terrain that he’d ever encountered as an explorer, and on top of it all, he had lost John in the process. John had fallen off …

You CAN be a Self-Confident Introvert!

I finished Felicia Day’s book today, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)… it makes me sad. I want more! I want to be her friend! 🙁

For those who don’t know, Felicia Day is an actress who has been in a few popular sci-fi and fantasy TV shows. But she is most known for writing the popular web series The Guild. If you haven’t seen it and want to watch a hilarious show about a group of online gamers meeting up in real life, I highly recommend it.

Something that made me think a bit was just …

The Last Moon Elf: Chapter 22

The Last Moon Elf - Map of WorldLink to the full-sized map

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“Damien?” Whiskey said in disbelief.

Rain could only stare in hatred, thinking of how he’d killed Arok’Amon.

“Oh that’s right,” the Demonmaster hissed. “You don’t know yet, do you, Wizard? It’s Dar’Quath.”

Taking advantage of his surprise, Dar’Quath threw his hands forward at Whiskey, who immediately dropped to his knees, shouting in agony.

Her uneasiness at hurting another being with magic vanished at the sight of Whiskey in pain. Remembering their previous fight, she gathered red energy in her palms and quickly released a bolt at Dar’Quath. She …

The Last Moon Elf: Chapter 21

The Last Moon Elf - Map of WorldLink to the full-sized map

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They raced across the plains at a gallop with Maruck and Gralin in the lead and Tamrin and Rain following close behind. The clouds looked much like they had when she first came: dark and foreboding. The stale smell from before was also there, blown around by the wind. They’d make it to the door in time, but she was worried that the rain would come before the soldiers could return to Dolmeria.

They took one stop for water. To her surprise, Maruck took an …

The Last Moon Elf: Chapter 20

The Last Moon Elf - Map of WorldLink to the full-sized map

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Once they returned to the healer’s home, the guards left for their barracks and Faramond went back to the Crone to tell her what had happened. Rain sat at the table with another cup of tea. Lynara stood at her book stand, pouring over the book an elf had died for.

Rain tried not to think about what had happened and sipped the aromatic tea for something to do. As she drank the last of her cup, she looked over at Lynara, who hadn’t budged …